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A properly designed website can provide you with the equivalent of a 24-hour secretary.

Indeed, get it right and your website will be the best  tool you have for promoting your business.  ◼︎

Get yourself on the web

Like many small business owners, you probably think that your business can’t benefit from having a website, or that a website is far too expensive to consider. Maybe you think that because you don’t use a computer, neither do your customers.

The internet allows people to research businesses, checkout products and prices, and compare business practices. If a business doesn’t have a website, they’re missing out on a lot of exposure to potential clients.

For a small businesses well designed website is a great way to promote your business, all day - every day. If you don’t have a website, your potential customers won’t know you exist and will go to your competitors. Even if your business website contains little more than your contact details and business hours, having a web presence will give you a healthy lead over your more technophobic competitors. Even if you don’t sell products or services on line, the internet is where the majority of people start their search for new products or services.

A website is easier, cheaper and quicker to update than printed material. Its capacities are almost limitless, which allow you to provide your customers with more comprehensive information - saving you money on printing and distribution costs.

Making a big impact doesn’t have to mean a big budget when it comes to the web. It’s all about being accessible 24 / 7 / 365. A website allows you to use the power and convenience of the internet to create a slick, professional doorway into your off-line business.

Website design and layout takes many forms and some work better than others. A simple website  for an off-line business such as a builder, book keeper or gardener need been more than a single page giving contact details, type of work undertaken and the geographic area covered. Additionally, a page or two could be added to showcase previous completed work and a few paragraphs from satisfied customers. Alternatively, a retailer, small hotelier or artist would probably need several pages in order to cover the many diverse aspects of their business.  ◼︎

Success is a step-by-step process of growth and evaluation.

In business, success can’t be achieved without effective marketing.

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