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VHS tapes were a wonderful invention - they made it possible to record one programme whilst watching another, and by using a cam-corder, to record and preserve important moments in life… ◼︎

Convert those VHS tapes

However, over time, these classic tapes are degrading and losing their clarity. Eventually, it will become impossible to watch their contents at all.

iDigitise can easily convert your old VHS tapes to modern DVD format, allowing you to watch them on a computer or a TV. They can also be copied to a smart phone, iPad etc to be enjoyed with friends or whilst away from home.

As these tapes degrade over a period of time, they need to be converted to DVD sooner rather than later, as there will come a time when they will become unplayable.

Once converted to DVD, they will no longer degrade and will maintain their clarity almost indefinitely.  ◼︎

A DVD is lighter than a VHS tape so it’ll be cheaper to post to distant relatives. It’s also considerably thinner, therefore a dozen or so will take up far less shelf space.

Depending on the video’s duration, it can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or any other on-line video service for enjoyment by all your friends at no further cost to yourself.

During the conversion process, convenient chapter markers can be edited in. These are really handy to quickly find exactly the part of the film you want to see.

A freeze-frame picture can be lifted from the film and used as a cover picture for the DVD case.

You can have as many copies of the film as you’d like.

Your holiday movies can be made more interesting with the addition of a music soundtrack. Certain songs that compliment your movie can be added to the DVD and will play alongside the video.  ◼︎

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