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I love listening to music!

Over the years, I’ve amassed a vast collection of 12” vinyl LPs and 7” singles. I’ve had hundreds of pounds worth of fragile LPs taking up far too much space on my shelves.

But LPs were great - they were tactile - they were music that you could touch, with a full 12” of glorious album art & meandering sleeve notes, and then there was the physical act of lowering the stylus onto the vinyl…

Music then was less disposable - it meant something. Instead of just being on in the background, we actually sat down to listen to it - and got up after 20 minutes to turn the record over to side 2!

We endured the pops, scratches and warped discs because that was all that there was.

Initially, all was well. But as time marched by, my amazing record collection was starting to fall apart - the beautiful album covers were becoming torn, creased and dog-eared. But more importantly, the records themselves were becoming damaged - worn out,  even - from being played all the time.

And as one decade faded into another, I came to realise that my treasured collection of vinyl was not only worn out, but also out-dated. The digital age had arrived and brought with it the Compact Disc.

And moving on again, we now have computers with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Amazon MP3 Store etc as well as streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so on. If you want new music now, you simply download it to your iPod, iPad, computer etc or stream it through your phone.

All your old CDs can be inserted into a computer and easily converted into a playlist which can be added to your player of choice. The hard part is doing something with all the old vinyl - if your classic albums are not available as a direct replacement CD then you’ll never have your own copy unless you do something with what you’ve already got.

Let iDigitise solve this problem for you - using the latest software and hi-tech equipment, your priceless vinyl and ancient cassette tapes can be transferred on to CD so you can listen to them in your home or car, or recreated as digital sound files that you can listen to on your iPod or mobile phone.

Wherever possible, each record will be copied as individual tracks onto its new medium. During this process, almost all the pops and crackles can be eliminated and you’ll have a totally practical CD version of your record. One that carries with it all the ‘warmth’ of the original vinyl album, but without the annoying crackles.

If your record is found to jump or skip too much, it may be possible to record just the tracks that aren’t damaged. ◼︎

But - what’s so good about records anyway?

  • they develop hiss, crackle and pop
  • they warp and get scratched
  • you can’t go jogging with them
  • they take up a lot of shelf space
  • they’re very fragile
  • you can’t easily replace them
  • the one you want is back home
  • they only play for 20 minutes

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