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Instead of having all your old photos stashed away in a cupboard, convert them into a modern, interesting format - perhaps a photobook or maybe a slideshow on a DVD that the family can watch on the big TV screen… ◼︎

Enjoy those old photos

Colour photos taken many years ago will look bleached and washed- out as the colours will have faded. This is not a problem as they can easily be enhanced and have the colour and vibrancy of the original restored.

An original, colour-washed photo above - restored below

An original, colour-washed photo on the left - restored on the right

Likewise, many older pictures will have been creased and maybe have a corner or two missing. Again, this can all be rectified and the photos restored to their former glory.

An original creased & damaged photo above - the restored version below

An original creased & damaged photo on the left - the restored version on the right

Once restored, they can then be included in a photo-book — either hardback or softback — and some accompanying text can be added to provide a storyline for the photos.

Alternatively, they can be copied to a DVD along with some music and text to make an interesting movie. It’s very easy to make additional copies too, that can be posted to other, more distant family members.

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